Let’s learn about cryptocurrency one minute at a time



I was trying to figure out how to download a ledger for my Coinbase crypto investment on my phone but couldn’t find it (in prep for next year’s tax purposes). So I went on my laptop and googled it. After downloading the report, I learned something new. What I once thought was wise move, harmless, and FREE (that is trading coins for another cryptocurrency or even “parking on DAI” until ready to reinvest) actually cost me hundreds of dollars just in the past few months of investing.

Therefore, an expensive lesson learned, DO NOT MOVE TOO MUCH! Study the investment thoroughly or at least the best that you can before pouring your hard earned money into it. In that way you are not converting several times a day (like me). You can stay put, relax, and let it grow for harvest in due time!

You’re in it for the long haul anyways, right?

Remember 3-5 years…not days 😄💵

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